Who are we?

The Smart Approved WaterMark Technical Expert Panel has been set up to independently assess the applications of products and services wanting to receive Smart WaterMark accreditation. It comprises seven members and an independent chair representing expertise from across Australia and Europe.

The panel meets three times a year to consider applications from product manufacturers and service providers.

We are recruiting for the Expert Panel

Jeremy Cape


A specialist in the adoption and use of new technologies, particularly in the irrigation and water industries, Jeremy has been the Expert Panel Chair since the scheme’s inception in 2004. He established and managed the Australian Irrigation Technology Centre for the testing and evaluation of irrigation products on behalf of the South Australian and Australian governments. Jeremy also represents Australia on the International Standards Organisation subcommittee which develops standards for irrigation equipment, and has conducted many research projects into technology adoption and acceptance.

Angie Thomas

Angie Thomas

After completing a degree in Agricultural Science at the University of Sydney, specialising in soil science and horticulture, Angie worked for several years with the Uni on various vegetable and cereal crop and landfill site reclamation research projects. Since 1998, Angie has worked for Yates, firstly in product research and development and regulatory affairs and more recently in the horticultural communications manager role. Angie is passionate about horticulture and inspiring more people to garden.


Basant Maheshwari

Professor Basant Maheshwari has significant professional experience in urban water management, water recycling, river health, landscape and agricultural irrigation, environmental management, regional water resources planning and sustainability. During the last ten years, his work has involved trans-disciplinary approach to water management and focussed on understanding how water, landscape and people interact and influence the environment, sustainability and water security. He has worked on modelling and analysing aspects of the water cycle for long-term planning at the metropolitan and regional levels. Also, he has been involved in research into peri-urban water issues and balancing urban growth around cities and regional centres so that future urban areas are liveable, sustainable, affordable and resilient. He has over 200 publications, including over 80 articles in peer reviewed international journals.

Des Horton


Des has worked in the water industry since 1975 and is currently a Water Conservation Specialist with City West Water Limited in Victoria where he is responsible for supporting the development and coordination of the organisation’s water conservation and demand management programs. Des has played a key role in the development and implementation of water use labelling schemes, including the WELS scheme, and in recent years has also been involved in judging the annual GreenPlumber and savewater! awards.

Peter Bruek

Peter Bruek

Peter provides vast expertise in the irrigation sector, having worked to install large scale irrigation systems for business and local government since the age of 13. He brings a lot of commercial experience, a wealth of scaled irrigation and plumbing systems and advice to the Panel. His education practices continue at home where his family uses water every day. He has a plunge pool for cooling off rather than a huge lap pool and is looking into secondary water supplies for his house since it’s in the middle of a bush fire zone. He’s even shopping for Wi-Fi managed shower timers to ensure the kids take shorter showers – whether they like it or not!