Reduce water waste in your pool and spa

Swimming pools, if properly managed, don’t have to use a lot of water. Here are some simple tips to get you started with your water efficient swimming pool.

Use a Pool Cover

Without a swimming pool cover, more than half the water in your pool can possibly evaporate in one year. Using a cover regularly reduces evaporation by 90 to 95%. A pool cover also help:

  • Reduce the need for chemicals.
  • Reduce algae growth.
  • Conserve heat, saving money on heating costs

Check for Leaks

  • Look for damp spots downstream of the pool.
  • Water-saturated soil near the pool, pumps or pool plumbing equipment.
  • Check for leaking pipes, valves and joiners.
  • Loose tiles or cracks could be an indicator of a leak.
  • Check for cracks or gaps in the bond beam.

Lower the Temperature

If you have a pool heater, try reducing the temperature during the summer. This reduces evaporation and is especially important when the pool isn't being used.

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